What do our customers say?

Here are just a few stories from Quick Capital customers that have used a business cash advance to help grow their business.

Peter [ Cocoa Amore ]

My business is seasonal, with 40% of the year’s turnover generated in December alone. For the past few years I have been producing solid chocolate Easter egg... [Read More]

Andrew [ The Alehouse ]

Company owner, Andrew Johnson, says: “During a quiet time of the year, I received an unexpectedly high VAT bill. As it came out of the blue, I didn’t have th... [Read More]

Julie [ Café J ]

“I received a flyer advertising Quick Capital, and out of interest I looked to see what they could offer. Small businesses can struggle to get finance, so I ... [Read More]

Tina [ The Therapy Rooms ]

“I was scrolling through Facebook when I saw one of Quick Capital’s posts, and I was intrigued as it sounded like the perfect bus... [Read More]