Plaza Blinds

Small business funding allowed me to improve my manufacturing process!
Small business funding allowed me to improve my manufacturing process!

John Chalmers improved his company’s manufacturing process by accessing small business funding from Quick Capital.

John started Plaza Blinds twelve years ago, supplying and fitting high-quality blinds around Lancashire. The family business was originally run from home, but expanded into a small shop after a few years. Three years ago, the business moved again, taking over larger premises in Morecambe.

“I was looking for ways to grow my company by expanding the manufacturing side of the business. After researching market trends, I decided that manufacturing Roman blinds in-house would be beneficial.

However, making this type of blind by hand is a lengthy process, taking up to a full day to create each one. I discovered that a creasing machine would allow us to create Roman blinds a lot faster, but the equipment was expensive. I didn’t have the available business funds at the time, and I was hesitant to use such a large chunk of our cashflow to make the purchase.

I process card payments through Handepay, and Quick Capital got in touch to let me know I was eligible for their small business funding. Their call came at the perfect time, and it made my decision to purchase the new equipment simple.

The initial application for my small business funding was simple, there was no difficult paperwork to fill in. My advisor explained everything in layman’s terms, with no complicated financial jargon. I’m not great with computers, but filling out the paperwork via email was easy to do.

With the small business funding I received from Quick Capital, I was able to purchase a creasing machine at a great price. It’s really improved our productivity and output by simplifying our manufacturing process. We’re now able to make up to 20 Roman blinds each day! The blinds have proven popular with our customers, and we’ve seen an increase in orders.

Quick Capital’s small business funding is so easy, I’ve topped up my funds four times. Manufacturers of the materials I use get in touch if they have excess stock to sell, usually at a highly discounted cost. These types of deals are really useful for me, allowing me to get the stock I need at the best prices.

These offers are normally time sensitive, so I need to take action straight away if I’m interested. Larger blinds companies have more available cash flow than me, but Quick Capital’s fast top-up process ensures I can secure deals quickly. If I speak with an advisor about topping up my small business funding in a morning, I receive the funds I need later that day!

The number of card payments I accept seems to be increasing every year, so I never need to worry about repayments. They’re deducted automatically from the money I take in card payments, so I don’t need to put money aside to make a monthly payment.

Quick Capital’s method of small business funding is the best system I’ve ever used. Their quick turnaround gives me the flexibility of funding when I need it, so I can compete with other companies.”

"Quick Capital’s method of small business funding gives me the flexibility of funding when I need it, so I can compete with other companies!"